Our classrooms are well equipped with projectors used to project 3-d animation. We combine the traditional blackboard teaching and projectors in an optimal way to maximize the understanding of the subject.

The visual representation of topic aid in better retention and more understanding of the subject and blackboard teaching in a time tested way to teaching which ensures the maximum involvement of a student in the classroom. The unique way in which these two are merged ensures that every second of time spend in the classroom is well utilized.



We have a dedicated computer laboratory with latest educational software. All the lectures are recorded and uploaded on the system within 24 hrs and can be viewed as many time as the student wishes. The solution of worksheets and tests are also uploaded on the system. This facility help the students to revise the lecture in a short duration of time. Also if due to some reasons a student misses a lecture he can view the recorded lecture, which otherwise is not possible. The lab also plays an important role during revision for test and exam where many lectures can be viewed in a single day thus saving precious time.


We at ABC Classes believe in staying a step ahead, which means that in a time when more and more tests are going online, we have already started conducting computer based tests along with the traditional tests. The online tests are being conducted in our computer laboratory in the same condition as that in the JEE MAIN. The result of these tests are instantly known to student after along with their ranks and analysis. These tests are held periodically and the detailed schedule is announced during the commencement of the batch. Every student is given a username and password using which online tests can be given on the website as well. 


Student-Center Approach Aiming Holistic Learning

Our student-center approach aims at the well being of the student, enabling then to learn at their comfort and convenience.